My Role: Ux Lead, IxD, VisD, User Research​​​​​​​
Create an easy, contemporary & branded registration experience for CSAA Insureds.
The Constraints: 100 year old company, numerous legacy systems, security risks, implementation risks, unforeseen risks...
It always starts here, with our user
In a kick off meeting, a diverse cross functional team including stakeholders, development, marketing and QA discussed users wants and needs. Through exploratory research in qualitative interviews, we understood that the current registration process was cumbersome requiring users to fill out 15 fields with unnecessary redundancies often resulting in a call to  customer service. In addition, users viewed insurance as a chore and often felt apprehensive when having to access or renew their policy.

The CFO relayed that the company had to reduce the amount of incoming customer service calls that were estimated at $12.90 per call and significantly impacting CSAA's bottom line.

The team dove deep into stakeholder aspirations, technical risks & constraints through an exercise called DISCOVERY & FRAMING resulting in the following outputs:

Goals and Anti-Goals Exercise leveraged to align the team through the course of the project:

Output of the Design Studio Exercise
Sketches from Design Studio Exercise
Output of the Risks exercise
Having grounded the working team through Discovery & Framing, each of the functional areas embarked on their respective work streams with a common cadence of check-ins.

An audit of financial institutions was conducted to understand requirements from security and account verification standpoint. Through this exercise, it became clear that these companies were able to accomplish a similar goal with far fewer fields. This was leveraged to remove 60% of the fields for account creation and verification.
Sketches from the Discovery & Framing were extended in white boarding and design charrette sessions:
Wireframes  were generated and prototyped for qualitative user testing with users: 
Weekly qualitative interview user research sessions allowed the Ux Team to get feedback early and often to quickly iterate on designs.
Those assumptions were then VALIDATED  in weekly qualitative interviews with users

A short video describing the Designer Led User Research process for qualitative research at CSAA
Example of a prototype tested with users weekly for the duration of the project:

We continuously interviewed, synthesized and incorporated user feedback into the experience until MVP was met
Registration CSAA Insurance 2016

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