It was the little bits of routine that were particularly agonizing to reflect upon; like the woman who handed out flyers at the top of the Montgomery Street escalator every morning, or the wait in a coffee line, or a diagonal crosswalk downtown. In July of 2001 I was laid off from a job. 

Like many other people in the city who experienced the same, it was a job I loved with a group of people who had become friends, and a position that was fulfilling. What was once routine and familiar had become alien and uncomfortable. It was my goal to capture these bits of routine in a distorted and perverse way. Burned into the bottom of each print is a sentence from the 'Transition Overview' letter I received. 

I only fully realized closure when I had the prints blown up to poster size which I periodically posted downtown at night.
Image of Muni
Image of Coffee Line
Image of Crosswalk
Image of Building
Image of Muni2
Image of Steps
Image of Bart Steps
Image of Chairs
Image of Empty Walkway
Image of Building 2
Image of Freedom
Night Installation
Image of Night Installation
Day View
Image of Day Display

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